Jan. 30

From The Chairman's Desk


If you hadn’t heard already, the clown car is coming to town. Or as one Politico columnist put it better, the Republican "clown van." 
Fresh off the Iowa “Freedom Summit” featuring the likes of Bill O’Brien, Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump, New Hampshire Republicans announced they are bringing the circus to Nashua this April. 
The NHGOP’s so-called “Leadership Summit” will be a great opportunity to highlight the radical, anti-middle class policies being proposed in the back of the GOP clown van. After all, there could hardly be a better argument for the sound policies that New Hampshire Democrats know will move our economy forward than listening to Sarah Palin speak (with or without a teleprompter). 
But what this also means is that, believe it or not, the 2016 cycle is upon us. Last year, New Hampshire Democrats celebrated some victories despite the tough year for Democratic candidates across the country. And now is the time to start positioning ourselves to be even stronger in 2016. 
That’s why at the New Hampshire Democratic Party headquarters, we’re not wasting any time. This year, we’ve hired a full staff – earlier than ever – to start working to mobilize the grassroots effort that will carry our candidates to victory in 2016 and beyond. 
You’ll notice a few new faces (and many familiar ones) on the list below, and I know that in the weeks and months ahead you will get to know them all as we work together to keep our state moving forward. 
2016 is shaping up to be a great year for New Hampshire Democrats – if we do the ground work this year. We have much to do to get our message out and strengthen our incredible grassroots organizations.

Let's work hard together this year so we can celebrate great victories next November.


Raymond Buckley, Chair
New Hampshire Democratic Party

Your New Hampshire Democratic Party team:
Sean Doyle - Executive Director
Donna Soucy - Chief Financial Officer
Colin Pio - Finance Director
Jillian Joyce - Deputy Finance Director
Aaron Jacobs - Press Secretary
Trey Taralia - Press Assistant
Ian Moskowitz - Political Director
Meredith Shevitz - Deputy Political Director
Isaac Epstein - Field Organizer
Ian Kenison - Operations Director
Liz Wester - House Caucus Director
Gene Martin - Senate Caucus Director
Thad Logan - Senate Caucus Finance Director

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State Committee Meeting
Saturday, March 7th, 2015

St. Anselm College
Institute of Politics

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