April 3

From The Chairman's Desk


Whatever you want to call what the House passed this week, one thing is crystal clear: it's not a serious budget. 

No, instead it’s an appeal to the Koch Brothers and their far right ideology, and it’s being delivered to them courtesy of Bill O’Brien's extremist caucus.

Only a Koch Brothers budget could slash services for the elderly, cut funding for substance misuse treatment during an opioid crisis, make college more expensive, plunder $50 million in dedicated funds, and force over 37,000 hardworking Granite Staters to lose their health coverage.

This devastating document that House Republicans are trying to peddle to Granite Staters as a budget will erode the progress made during the past two years under Governor Hassan’s leaderships and catapult New Hampshire backward. What’s more, it would do serious damage to New Hampshire’s long term economic outlook as well. Emptying the state’s Rainy Day Fund, which would threaten New Hampshire bond rating, is the perfect example of the shortsightedness of this reckless document.

It’s now more clear than ever that Republicans in Concord are more interested in kowtowing to the out-of-state billionaire Koch Brothers than they are in reaching across the aisle and working to deliver a bipartisan budget that expands opportunity and lays the foundation for a new generation of economic growth in New Hampshire.

But the fight’s not over yet. The Senate still has to draft their own budget, which means we still have an opportunity to push for an honest budget that will move New Hampshire forward. So call your legislators, write letters to the editor, and keep your friends and neighbors engaged, because this is just too important to site on the sidelines. 
Thank you,

Raymond Buckley, Chair
New Hampshire Democratic Party


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