May 9


From The Chairman's Desk

Elections are about dedication. The dedication to work day-in and day-out for candidates that will represent New Hampshire values. The NHGOP this past week further emphasized how out of touch their entire party is from the issues that matter to hardworking Granite State families.

Just yesterday, Republicans in the State Senate voted in lock-step to block establishing a New Hampshire state minimum wage at $9 per hour.  An increase in the minimum wage lift thousands of Granite Staters out of poverty.

No parent should have to decide whether to pay bills or put food on the table. Despite Senate Democrats knocking down every single one of their arguments - and polls showing a majority of NH Republican voters supporting the bill - Senate Republicans chose Wall Street over Main Street.

Even Rick Santorum came out in favor a minimum wage raise.  Sadly, that didn’t move the out-of-touch NHGOP.  From Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown, and all the way down to Bill O'Brien, New Hampshire Republicans were in lockstep opposition to this commonsense proposal.

The people of New Hampshire deserve better than this.  Remember, it is never too early to start spreading our party's message of opportunity for all. Take some time this week to write a letter to the editor or talk to your neighbor. Your efforts now will mean victory in November.


Enjoy your weekend!


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@SenatorPierce: Senator Pierce gave an impassioned speech yesterday arguing in favor of establishing and increasing the NH minimum wage.  Follow the Upper Valley Senator on Twitter to keep abreast of important legislation pending before the NH Senate.

@SALTConference: ACTION ITEM: Next Thursday Scott Brown will leave the campaign trail for a paid speaking engagement at the Wall Street hedge fund sponsored SALT Conference in Las Vegas.  How much is Wall Street paying Brown to blow off New Hampshire?  Tweet @SenScottBrown and ask him!  Remember to use @SALTConference in your tweet.


@JoshMcElveen: You watch him every night at 5:00 p.m. on WMUR, now follow him on Twitter. News anchor and WMUR political director, Josh is a must-follow for breaking political news and analysis in the Granite State.


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Featured Letter
To The Editor

Dear New Hampshire State Senators: Our current minimum wage isn’t much, but it’s all that many hard-working families have.

The bill to raise it would add a mere $70 to the paychecks of full-time workers, about enough for a much needed bag of groceries – purchased with earned money not food stamps – and resulting in a worker-driven stimulus package.

There are many sound economic and societal reasons for raising the minimum wage – such as a vibrant economy, job creation, high productivity, stable families, time for civic engagement – but the overriding reason is moral.

It is evil for the richest country in the history of the world to have any families living in poverty, any children hungry and homeless.

A $7.25 minimum hourly wage will purchase next to nothing and won’t support a family. But these workers, who have no political or economic power, can’t jeopardize their meager paychecks. They can’t “take-it-or-leave-it” they must “take-it-or-else”.Unions and government are relentlessly hounded by well-financed corporate forces, limiting their ability to rescue these workers from poverty. Life-supporting economic and nutritional aid is being eliminated by some governments. The last chance we have to reset our moral compass is to raise the minimum wage.

Senators, I implore you to do what is economically intelligent and morally right. Pass this bill.


Gilmanton Iron Works


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Last Weeks Poll Result Winner: 
No surprises from last weeks poll, 100% of respondents said it was "True" that every GOP candidate running for Senate and Governor oppose raising the minimum wage.

Continuing her efforts to strengthen the safety of New Hampshire’s communities and schools, Governor Maggie Hassan announced this week statewide trainings in the Media Power Youth program, a public-private initiative aimed at reducing and preventing youth violence that the Governor helped launch last December.
Also this week, Governor Hassan issued the following statement after Senate Republicans voted to oppose a bill that restored and increased New Hampshire’s minimum wage:
“People working full-time in New Hampshire should be paid enough to support their families, and I will continue fighting to restore and improve our state minimum wage in order to boost our economy and strengthen the economic security of thousands of Granite Staters.”
And advancing her efforts to strengthen public education in New Hampshire, the Executive Council confirmed this week Governor Hassan’s nominee to the State Board of Education, Bill Duncan.
 For the Governor’s statement, click here.


This week, Team Shaheen aired our first TV ad of 2014.  It's called "Open" and is all about the work Jeanne Shaheen has done making a difference for New Hampshire's veterans.  You can watch it here:
Last weekend saw the first of what will be many Grassroots Organizing Meetings.  In Hanover and Claremont, supporters and volunteers gathered to get a campaign update, meet with key staff and start the important work of building a grassroots movement to carry us to victory in November.  Are you interested in joining #Team Shaheen?  The first step is to sign up and share your story about why you stand with Jeanne. 
Mother's Day is Sunday, and throughout the week, Team Shaheen has been sharing #MomsForShaheen facts about Jeanne Shaheen's work making a difference for moms in the Granite State.  From fighting to increase the minimum wage to providing recourse to ensure women and moms are receiving equal pay for equal work. You see our most recent post here on Facebook.

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