Jan. 17

Dear Friends,

I wanted to thank everyone who was able to help support Mike Cryans in his last fundraising report for the Special Election in Executive Council District 1.

In just over a week Mike was able to show enormous grassroots support from all across the District on his last finance report, including donations from all 7 counties in District 1 from hundreds of donors. 

This Tuesday the 21st voters in District 1 will head to the polls to vote in both the Democratic and Republican Primaries. While Mike Cryans is the only Democrat running, every Democrat should still get out to the polls and vote for Mike!

You can find your polling location here: http://www.mikecryans.org/find-your-polling-location/

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Photo of the Week:

Democratic Executive Council Candidate, Mike Cryans at a Fundraiser at Lou's Restaurant in Hanover.
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Monday, January 20th

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 21st

Executive Council District 1 Primary Day

3rd Annual Snowflake Reception
With Senator Jeanne Shaheen
Puritan Backroom - Manchester

RSVP to mfoster@jeanneshaheen.org

Wednesday, January 22nd

Sanbornton & Tilton Joint Democratic Meeting
Sanbornton Public Library

Tuesday, January 28th

Merrimack County Democrats Meeting

State of the Union Address
For additional information please visitWH.GOV/SOTU


Meet Mike Cryans!

Mike is driving all over District 1 every day meeting voters, if you want to see if Mike is coming to your hometown please check the MikeCryans.org calendar.

Click HERE to view the calendar.

Update from Senator Shaheen

3rd annual Snowflake Reception
January 21, 2014
Puritan Conference Center – 245 Hooksett Rd, Manchester, NH 03104
This event has become a great tradition and way to kick-off the New Year. This year will be no different! 

News from Governor Hassan

Governor Maggie Hassan today submitted an amicus brief urging the New Hampshire Supreme Court to uphold a lower court’s decision that diverting taxpayer dollars from public schools to religious schools violates the state constitution.

"The education voucher tax credit program is a misguided policy that undermines New Hampshire’s public education system and violates our state’s constitutional separation of church and state,” Governor Hassan said. “The New Hampshire Constitution explicitly prohibits the use of public funds for the benefit of schools or institutions of any religious sect or denomination. Diverting millions in already limited education funds from public to religious schools violates this important constitutional protection while making it more difficult for the state to meet its obligation to provide an adequate public education to all of New Hampshire’s young people.”

Governor Hassan filed her brief in the case of Duncan v. State of New Hampshire.

The Governor’s brief, submitted by counsel, makes three key points: 1) New Hampshire’s Constitution is clearer than the federal constitution in prohibiting tax dollars from being used for religious institutions, both to prohibit state endorsement of a religion and to protect religious institutions from state interference; 2) New Hampshire case law has repeatedly treated tax credits as public expenditures of taxpayer dollars; and 3) The diversion of public money to religious schools through the education voucher tax credit program could undermine the finances of local communities and undermine the state’s ability to meet its responsibilities, including to provide every child with the opportunity for an adequate public education.

The full amicus brief submitted on behalf of Governor.
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