March 20 - Pushing NH to More Cuts

GOP Business tax giveaways will force more cuts
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Weekly Update 3/20/15

Dear Friend:

After weeks of asking Senate Republican leaders how they will pay for their tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent businesses in the state, an answer has finally emerged like rolling thunder over the landscape. 

The House Republicans last week rocked New Hampshire by proposing dramatic, draconian budget cuts that would devastate not only those in the shadows of life who rely on a very thin state government safety net, but also the delivery of the most minimal and obvious state services.  

The GOP budget writers have a history of cutting services to children, the developmentally disabled, and infirm elderly, but now they attempting to all but eliminate such things as the Department of Transportation basic ability to keep and maintain our transportation infrastructure. 

The Republican Legislative leaders are stuck in a worn-out, radical ideological time warp that’s hurting New Hampshire and holding us back. They are tightening the vise grip of budget cuts and business tax giveaways that squeeze our state’s most essential services and neediest citizens. They are also shifting new burdens onto local and county governments that will result in higher local property taxes.  

The path to success is clear; we need to make tough choices and smart investments. States that have invested in expanding health care, improving access to quality and affordable education, repairing infrastructure and increasing low wages are doing best at expanding opportunities for all. We need to build strong communities from the bottom up, not the top down.

Thank you for all you do,
Jeff Woodburn
Senate Democratic Leader

NH Senate News

Column: N.H. Fails on Minimum Wage
Senate Bill 261 could have taken New Hampshire on a path toward accelerated economic growth and expanded opportunity, but regrettably the Senate majority forced us take a wrong turn.

Senate Republicans pass Big Business Tax Giveaways 
But Democrats called the rate reductions short-sighted when lawmakers are struggling to craft a balanced budget that provides needed services. “The cost of these tax giveaways is clear and the price is dear. Senate Republicans who support these fiscally irresponsible tax cuts should tell the public what additional cuts they plan to make,” said Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn. 

Senate committee hears testimony on foreclosure notice extension
“It just gives a few extra weeks for homeowners to try to save their money, to try to work it out with a bank, or, if they actually needed a lawyer, to figure out if they have a case,” Sen. Dan Feltes, a Concord Democrat and one of the bill’s sponsors, testified before the Senate Commerce Committee.
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Happy First Day of Spring!

Senators Watters & Feltes with NH Bhutanese Leaders after a public hearing on a Senate Resolution

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