Nov. 20 - Take Action for Humane and Peaceful Solutions

NH State House Watch, the American Friends Service Committee

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As a Quaker organization we have nearly a century of peace-building experience across the world, including direct work in the Middle East. We know that this legislation is not likely to make any group safer. Instead, it will close the door on refugees when they are most in need and fleeing extreme violence and insecurity.

Yesterday, November 19, the U.S. House passed HR 4038, a bill that would effectively shut the door on Syrian and Iraqi refugees.  Both of our New Hampshire Representatives, Frank Guintaand Annie Kuster, voted in favor.  In addition, our own Governor, Maggie Hassan, has sided with those who want to put additional obstacles in the way of refugee resettlement.

Contact your US Senators today. 

Refugee resettlement has been a successful and longstanding process in the United States. For decades, local faith groups have successfully partnered with officials to welcome, support and sponsor refugees. We are called to welcome refugees who are fleeing violence and insecurity in their home country.

The attacks in Paris present an opportunity for all of us to come together to build stronger communities. Punishing Syrian refugees for the violence of a few will not make the U.S. any safer. It shows a serious lack of leadership on the part of the members of the House who voted in favor of this bill, using this moment in service of fear and nativism.

We call upon the Senate to demonstrate leadership and reject this irresponsible bill. Peaceful and safe communities are built on foundations of cohesion and inclusion, not reactionary xenophobia. 

Click here to contact your US Senators

After you contact your Senators, help us tell the presidential candidates that we need more peace.  Tell them we need to end the cycle of violence.  We need our government to invest more in igniting human potential than in weapons and war.  

Through the Governing Under the Influence project, the candidates for president have all heard about corporations that profit from militarism and anti-immigrant attitudes, and which use their political clout to foster harmful policies.  Check our candidate calendar for opportunities to urge the candidates to support humane and peaceful solutions.  Let us know what they say.

For peace,

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty, Co-directors

American Friends Service Committee 
4 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301

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