Oct. 16

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On Tuesday night, over 15 million viewers tuned into CNN to watch the first Democratic Primary Debate, making it the highest- rated Democratic debate in U.S. history. Gov. Chaffee, Sec. Clinton, Gov. O'Malley, Sen. Sanders and Sen. Webb all participated in this debate held in Las Vegas moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper.

The atmosphere was very different than the GOP Debates held so far this cycle. Instead of personal and silly attacks on other candidates, the Democratic candidates only spoke about the issues. When Anderson Cooper asked Senator Sanders a question about Secretary Clinton's email scandal, he told Cooper that he, along with the American people, are tired of hearing about the emails, that he wanted to get back to talking about the issues the country faces.

Unlike the GOP Debates in the past few weeks, the Democratic Debate was full of substantive discussions on issues important to American families. The discussions ranged from topics such as climate change, paid leave, women's health, to expanding opportunity for the middle class. 

After watching the debate on Tuesday night, we are sure that 2016 is going to be a great year for Democrats up and down the ticket. Our party is focused on the issues and ready to get to work to help working families. Help make sure that the Committee to Elect House Democrats is prepared for the 2016 cycle by donating now.


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