March 14

Dear Friend, 
Two long days of session produced no legislation to help New Hampshire's working families.  House Republicans once again supported Right to Work for Less legislation and voted against Granite State workers.  In an equally stunning display of how out of touch House Republicans are, legislation to increase the minimum wage was voted down.  With a minimum wage lower than any other state in New England, New Hampshire is losing workers we need to keep our economy growing.  
House Republicans also continued their relentless attacks on women's health.  The House repealed New Hampshire's buffer zone law which will force patients seeking reproductive health care to experience the shaming, judgement and intimidation of those who disagree with their private medical decisions.  

During session this week, the Finance committee met to decide what cuts to make to our state's budget.  If proposed cuts to the Department of Transportation go through, up to two-thirds of DOT employees could be out of work, plowing of roads would cease and bridges would be transferred into local control.  Look for more information next week.   
Steve Shurtleff
Democratic Leader

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Carol Croteau to run for Special Election in Rockingham 13

Lifelong New Hampshire resident, Carol Croteau became active in politics after her daughter was bullied while in high school.  Carol worked with local representatives to pass one of the most comprehensive and meaningful anti bullying laws in the country in 2010. 
Since then Carol has been working to keep the anti bullying law intact as well as working with parents across the state to advocate for their children when they are targets of bullying behavior.  She is also active in Rockingham Democrats and the Chair of the Kingston Democrats. Carol serves on the Conservation Commission and is currently elected to the Municipal Budget Committee and the Planning Board
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