June 19

Dear Friend,

Lawmakers had another extremely busy week at the State House negotiating the spending plan.

In an op-ed penned by myself and Rep. Mary Jane Wallner in the Nashua Telegraph this week, we expressed our desire to compromise for the good of Granite State families. "We believe the approach laid out in the governor’s fiscally responsible proposal would be the best way forward for our state. That said, we appreciate that passing a budget requires compromise, and as we enter the committee-of-conference process, we stand ready to do just that. The good news is that Democrats and Republicans agree on many of the critical priorities that must be met for our economy to thrive. Now it’s time to work together to pass a responsible budget that actually funds the priorities it claims it does."

While Democrats continue to work hard to negotiate a balanced and responsible budget, the New Hampshire GOP continued their gimmicks by accusing Governor Hassan of being willing to shut down state government. Despite their claims, the only people with the power to shut down the government are Republicans in the legislature, if they refuse to pass a continuing resolution. House Republicans have come out in support of passing a CR, however, Senate Republicans are still suggesting they will oppose one.

With the special election in Rockingham 20 fewer than three weeks away, we have an opportunity to show the Republicans at the State House that this budget is not representative of the priorities of hardworking Granite State families. Elaine Andrews-Ahearn has been hard at work knocking on doors and making calls, but she can't do it alone.

Commit to holding the GOP legislators accountable for their fiscally irresponsible budget by signing up to volunteer in this special election. We need your help to start the path to taking back the State House in 2016. 

Steve Shurtleff
Democratic Leader

P.S. Election Day is only 18 days away. Donate to Elaine now so she has the resources to win!