July 10

Dear Friend,

The Committee to Elect House Democrats wants to thank Elaine Andrews-Ahearn for her tough fight in Rockingham 20 earlier this week. Although we were not able to overcome the registration advantage the Republicans have in the district, Elaine and her volunteers worked extremely hard to talk to as many voters as possible. Thank you to everyone went out to the district to help Elaine knock on doors, make phone calls, or hold signs for her at the polls.

This week, House Speaker Shawn Jasper found himself in hot water after he sent an email out to all legislators that offended members on both sides of the aisle.  At one point in the email he wrote “I do not believe that cutting [corporate taxes] will bring in more revenue, nor do I believe that by themselves they will make New Hampshire a more attractive state for businesses to locate to or to expand.”

The email was an acknowledgement that the Governor is correct and that these tax cuts would blow a $90 million hole in the state budget. “While we appreciate Speaker Jasper’s honesty in admitting that the Republicans’ unpaid for corporate tax cuts would blow a huge hole in the state’s budget and are being driven by partisan politics, his admission has truly disturbing implications for our economy and the people he and his members are supposed to be representing," said House Deputy Minority Leader Cindy Rosenwald. 

It is still unclear as to when the legislature will return to work out a budget compromise. Governor Hassan said she is 'hopeful' that legislators will return to Concord soon although House Republicans have indicated they will likely not return until September.

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Steve Shurtleff
Democratic Leader