Feb. 11

Dear Friend, 
I have heard from many of you across the state of your interest in hearing about the happenings in the House.  Each week when the House is in session, look for a "House Happenings" email to follow the important news around the State House.  

Since this legislative session has begun, we have seen Republicans attack a woman's right to make her own health care decisions, Medicaid expansion for hardworking Granite State families, and each other.  House Democrats are focused on protecting progress we made in the past two years and helping Governor Hassan move our state forward.  

Last week, we had a second Republican resign.  Less than two months into the legislative session, we have two special elections.  House Democrats are determined to add to our numbers, and we will be counting on you to knock on doors, write letters, and make phone calls over the current months.

Steve Shurtleff
Democratic Leader

Featured Letter to the Editor

Rep. Cindy Rosenwald Exposes Republican Myth of $800M Deficit

Republicans have been telling a story for five years that when they took over the legislature in 2010, they were stuck with an $800 million deficit left by the Democrats.

This story is a myth. The truth is that biennial state budgets are always balanced; it is required by law. As PolitiFact verified back in 2012, there never was a Democratic deficit in 2011. PolitiFact confirms that the budget Rep. Bill Ohm refers to in his recent letter (“Nashua rep fires back at letter-writing critic,” Jan. 30) left a $17 million surplus at the end of the biennium.

So if Democrats leaving the state budget with a $17 million surplus is the truth, where does the deficit myth come from? The $800 million Rep. Ohm refers to was additional federal funding, not part of the state budget. This was extra money all states received to help stabilize critical services during the Great Recession.

Every biennial state budget is balanced. In 2011, there was a $17 million surplus; the next budget had a surplus of $15 million. This budget will be balanced as well.

Governor Maggie Hassan has been working hard throughout the biennium, taking steps such as hiring freezes and directing budget cuts to meet bipartisan, legislatively-directed spending. A change in federal law governing Medicaid eligibility has also led to increased costs on the state level for low-income children and pregnant women.

The budget deficit myth of 2011 may have been a good story, but it just isn’t supported by the facts. The truth is that every two years the House and Senate work hard and produce a balanced budget. It’s what we do. It’s what we must do.


Former State Representative Files for Special Election in Rockingham 32

Mann was first elected to the House of Representatives in January of 2008, and re-elected in 2008 and 2012. She is a small business owner and was a public school teacher for over 30 years. Mann has been very active in her community over the years, and received the Sherburne Award for outstanding service to Deerfield. She is a trustee of the Philbrick James Library in Deerfield, and an active member of the Deerfield Community Church Fair Committee. She is a reporter and editor of The Forum. 

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