Aug. 7

Dear Friend,

This week, the Republicans on the Executive Council followed Senator Kelly Ayotte's lead and voted to defund Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire. The vote came only two days after Ayotte voted to defund the organization for the third time in Washington, D.C. Unlike the Executive Council vote, the Senate vote failed to advance.

The Councilors voted directly down party lines on a contract that would have provided over $600,000 in state funding to provide critical services such as breast cancer screenings, birth control, and STD testing to over 12,000 Granite State women. 

Councilor Chris Sununu found himself at the center of the debate on Wednesday. Sununu calls himself 'pro-choice' and in previous years has voted to protect Planned Parenthood's funding. He even acknowledged this year how vital Planned Parenthood's services are to his constituents saying that it is the only provider for these services in his district.

“I think they have done a fantastic job, a fantastic job of providing these women services these reproductive services, I’m a big believer of it, a huge believer of it," Sununu said. "That’s why I went against and really ticked off all my friends for the past few years because I believe it’s absolutely right."

Despite this acknowledgement, he still followed Kelly Ayotte and the GOP's lead, and voted to defund the services that he knows his own constituents need. The Nashua Telegraph called his actions 'shameful' in an editorial today. "It was shameful that politi­cal ambition on the part of Republi­can Coun­cilor Chris Sununu finally cracked his history of vot­ing with common sense rather than his party. We suspect that blocking access to affordable health care to thousands of Granite State women will end up being a poor excuse for what was essentially his declaration as a candidate for governor."

Show Kelly Ayotte and her allies at the State House that we will not stand for playing politics with women's health care by donating today!

Steve Shurtleff
Democratic Leader