April 4

Dear Friend, 
The O'Brien-Jasper budget that passed this week is a new low in the irresponsible actions of House Republicans.  Designed to get the blessing of Bill O'Brien and the Koch Brothers, this budget without a doubt will harm hard working Granite State Families. 
 As Rep. Cindy Rosenwald said on the House Floor "The budget passed today is a twisted tale of broken promises.  House Republicans repealed health coverage from tens of thousands of Granite Staters, cut funds for higher education, slashed funding for substance abuse, seniors, mental health and individuals with developmental disabilities, this is a budget that will take our people, businesses and economy backward.
This budget downshifts the cost to local communities and property taxpayers, and raids dedicated funds and empties the state's rainy day fund which breaks House Republicans own promises.  Instead of practicing fiscal responsibility to grow our state's economy, the O'Brien-Jasper budget cuts services for our most vulnerable citizens.  This is not the New Hampshire way.  We hope that the Senate will pass a sensible and responsible budget to continue to move our state forward.
Happy Easter and Passover! 

Steve Shurtleff
Democratic Leader

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