April 25 - Our Future

Jeanne Shaheen, US Senator for  New Hampshire
April 25, 2014

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(April 22, 2014 - Senator Shaheen in Concord, NH)

Dear friend,

I hope you all had a chance this past Tuesday to celebrate Earth Day outdoors like I did. This day always provides a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in a state with such beautiful outdoor treasures.

I also met with environmental leaders and stakeholders from around the state at Earth Day roundtables in Durham and Concord. And the takeaway from these meetings was clear: we must act to address carbon dioxide and other pollutants in our air that cause climate change. 

The economic, health and environmental consequences of climate change are very real for us here in New Hampshire, particularly with respect to our $9.3 billion tourism industry. I’ve repeatedly said we need to address climate change and that we must act now. And I've also said that we should start by investing in energy efficiency - an approach that has strong bipartisan support. My bill with Senator Rob Portman will promote energy efficiency around the country and is good for our environment and good for our economy. It will save people $16.2 billion, create 190,000 jobs, and reduce pollution by the equivalent of taking 22 million cars off the road - all by 2030.

Energy efficiency represents one of the cheapest, fastest ways to address our energy needs, it makes both economic and environmental sense, and it has strong bipartisan support. That's why I hope we can act on our plan quickly, possibly even in the next few weeks. 

I’ll continue to fight for the environment in New Hampshire and across the country and I hope you’ll join me. Earth Day provides a great reminder - we need to think about our environment year round, and we need to act now to address climate change. 


Jeanne Shaheen